A fun, fascinating evening celebrating all things gin.

From it’s notorious reputation as “mothers ruin” to it’s current popularity , discover more about the ingredients of this amazing drink.

Gin is such an appropriate drink for the garden, as so many exciting gins now available on the market, are all botanically based. Twisted Nose has watercress added and another includes pea flower that makes the gin blue. Once tonic is added the gin then turns from blue to pink!

Great botanical names such as the Oxford Botanical Garden have developed the Ashmolean and Physic gins, made from 25 botanicals from the historic Bobart’s list, giving it a distinctive flavour. From the 1670’s, the Physic Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh have produced a gin with spiced and pepper flavours. This is all terribly exciting for gin lovers and gardeners!

We have gathered a great selection of botanical gins for you to mix and try at our Ginspiration event on 20th October. Besides becoming a mixologist for the evening, there will be food and savouries prepared by our chefs. The evening will commence at 7 pm when our experts will be on hand to relate the fascinating tales and pour the gins.

£35 per person (over 18’s only)
Book online at or call 01252 844611.