Strauss, Coffee and Kuchen

Sunday 20 October

2.30pm  Afternoon Tea

Many of us have walked into a old Viennese coffee house on a chilly afternoon, where the counter is lost under stands of delicious cakes and strudel,and cups of steaming hot coffee arrive to the table to be smothered in cream. So delicious if you dare! 

Every one is relaxed and happy listening to the wonderful Viennese Strauss waltzes

We welcome you to such an afternoon at West Green House to indulge in the scrumptious fare and to delight in this most romantic of music played for us by our guest pianist.

We have limited spaces for this very special afternoon which we are repeating by request .. We advise early booking.  


To make a booking please contact:
Telephone 01252844611
Email: Enquiries@westgreenhouse.co.uk