West Green House Gardens and Opera Marylyn AbbottMarylyn Abbott is acknowledged as one of the world’s greatest garden creators – her garden at Kennerton Green, Mittagong, was Australia’s most visited garden. For the last decade Marylyn has been restoring and re-creating the gardens at West Green. Her work is frequently featured in prominent gardening magazines and television programmes.

Marylyn’s passion for gardening was inspired by her mother and grandmother, who both kept beautiful gardens in her native Australia. Marylyn’s second love is opera, she spent 16 years as marketing and tourism manager of the Sydney Opera House, and she hosts one of the most best generic nexium acclaimed country house opera seasons in England.

Having worked with the demands of the bright Australian sunshine and the more subtle English light, and chosen plantings and colour schemes to complement two vastly different houses, Marylyn has picked up a store of tips and practical experience that make her uniquely qualified to discuss gardening in two hemispheres. In Marylyn’s latest book “The Resilient Garden” she discusses plants and garden styles, using a collection of plants that will acclimatise to both Mediterranean and cool temperate gardens.